Horde Login problem

Markus Fendt markus_fendt at genua.de
Fri Dec 2 07:43:17 CET 2011


sounds like the problem we had few weeks ago. One User has problems with the 
horde GUI. I saw php errors in


#PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to 
allocate 25447831 bytes)

Then I changed the default values of "memory_limit" to 256 MB in


and reload the apache with


This worked for us and users could log in again.

Markus Fendt

Am Donnerstag 27 Oktober 2011 19:22:30 schrieb Christian Tardif:
> Hi,
> My new Kolab installation (2.3.4) is working perfectly...  well, sort of.
> All created users are accessing Kolab server perfectly. All, but one.
> One of them just can't login with Horde. He can access his mails from
> his iPhone, he can access them from his Thunderbird installation (which
> synchronizes Calendar and AddressBook with SynkKolab), but he can't
> login from horde. What he gets is:
> "There has been no contact with the remote server for several minutes.
> The server may be temporarily unavailable or network problems may be
> interrupting your session. You will not see any updates until the
> connection is restored."
> in a red box.
> What can be the problem that causes this behaviour?
> Thanks,

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