Kolab and fetchmail - openPKG ftp down?

Christian Rößler Roessler at FuH-E.de
Fri Aug 20 10:04:28 CEST 2010

Gunnar Wrobel schrieb:

>> just a quick question: While trying to fetch fetchmail for Kolab (hehe)
>> I am unable to download it from openPKG.
>>  I am of course registered, but I cannot download either directly (like
>> ftp://YOUR@OPENPKG.LOGIN@ftp.openpkg.org/current/SRC/BASE/fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.src.rpm
>> ftp://YOUREMAIL%40MYISP.COM@ftp.openpkg.org/current/SRC/BASE/fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.src.rpm,
>> login or email inserted, of course), following links from the openPKG
>> homepage I also end in nirvana with connection refused. Even
>> ftp://ftp.openpkg.org yields that.
> Maybe somebody in the community also has the package still available?  
> We could mirror it on files.kolab.org. I'm not certain what the status  
> of OpenPKG is at the moment. Havn't been there in a long time but I  
> could also imagine that they drop older packages at some point. But  
> since the newer ones cannot be used with the Kolab Server anymore (and  
> are not free anymore) we might consider some of the more interesting  
> older packages on our servers.

this would be very nice - I need this package badly, and I have nearly
given up trying to download it from openPKG. This is getting a
nightmare; I have even setup a new account. When being on the download
page, it shows my login name; when following the link to "OpenPKG
Package Browser" and then fetchmail this vanishes.

I have also tried the direct download a lot of times - without success,
every time "(61) Connection refused".

So, please, can anyone here on the list try to download a restricted
package from openPKG? I would really like to know if the error is on my
side or not.

Best regards,

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