Using kronolith's import_icals.php on kolab auth

Alexander Gran alexg at
Wed Apr 28 16:18:08 CEST 2010


I'm fiddeling with the import_icals.php script from kronolith to import my 
migrated calendar entries.
However it fails with an authentication error:
Fatal Error:
[pear_error: message="Permission Denied" code=0 mode=return level=notice 
prefix="" info=""]

Looking into the source it just does a 
$auth = &Auth::singleton($conf['auth']['driver']);
$auth->setAuth($user, array());
which, according to the api docs of setAuth() should grant user right without 
questions asked. Obviously this doesn't work.

My horde log shows 
/usr/share/horde3/kronolith/lib/Kronolith.php at line 1348 giving the error:
Apr 28 16:10:05 HORDE [error] [kronolith] NO, Login failed: authentication 
failure [pid 26695 on line 1348 of 

However I don't really get why this is failing.

btw, I'm calling the script like this, just to be sure:

/usr/share/doc/kronolith2/examples/scripts/import_icals.php Calendar 
alexg at < alexg.54.ical


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