Horde is allowing login when not using correct UID

skipmorse at gmail.com skipmorse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 21:59:15 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I've found that if I have a user, with the uid user1 at example.com,  
example.com being the default domain, I can login to horde using "user1" as  
the 'username' and the correct password. After login, the left pane is  
available and if I click on 'Mail', I get the main window, but there are no  
mails displayed and none of user1's folders. I can compose and send an  
email and it lists the 'default profile' as user1 at example.com. The only  
error that I get is that it can't create the 'Sent' folder and the message  
wasn't saved. The mail is sent and delivered successfully.

I noticed the same issue when using Squirrelmail on my old 2.1 Kolab, the  
only difference seems to be that in the 2.1 server, if I would do a similar  
experiment, cyrus would create a mailbox for user1 ".../spool/u/user/..."  
and in cyradmn any like that would be listed as 'user/user1' instead  
of 'user/user1 at example.com'.

Kolab version of current test: 2.2.3

Is this something that's only happening in my install or is this something  
that's a bug?

Let me know your thoughts or if you need additional info...

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