How to combine kolab and posix groups

Christian Rößler Roessler at
Tue Apr 27 15:46:39 CEST 2010

Gunnar Wrobel schrieb:

>> As far as I understood ldap, you cannot combine that with the posixGroup
>> schema. Both are structural.
> Correct. You can't combine them. In fact I would say you should not even
> try do that.
> I do not deny that there may be a mapping. But that mapping cannot be
> defined by simply merging the two object types. I'm interested to read
> about how Christian solved this problem.

Well, I got permission from my company to publish my work on Kolab, and
this encompasses (of course) my posixGroup extension (called
companionGroup), and also some other nice things like an user archiver
(to disable users, but keep them stored with the possibility to
re-enable them). These extension revolve around some bash, two own ldap
schemata and a 'hacked' user.php.

I will bring these extensions to the kolab wiki in the next few days. I
will give notice then.

Best regards, Christian

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