What to do for SASL to ldap?

Alexander Gran alexg at moduleworks.com
Wed Apr 21 18:40:25 CEST 2010


after screening crazy amounts of google results, I seem to understand that 
currently kolabs ldap can't do SASL.
The reason is that SASL needs a clear text password from somewhere, but 
kolab just stores the SSHA password in the ldap tree. Therefore simple (non-
sasl) authentication works, as slapd get the password, applies the salt, 
hashes and compares, but there is no way to get sasl with that working.
In theory SASL PLAIN should work, but SASL gets confused by the stored SSHA 
Is there any chance to get that working? Perhaps at least plain (via ssl, 
obvoiusyl)? I don't like the idea to strore clear text passwords.



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