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* Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at> [20100416 21:15]:
> Quoting Jennifer Botten <jennifer at>:
>>   font-family: Arial;\">Hi,  font-family: Arial;\">   font-family:  
>> Arial;\">I am having a problem with one of my kolab
>> servers. I am running version 2.0.4 and today mail is not going
>> through the server. This is the error in the maillog. When I do a
>> search on this Clamav says I should upgrade to the latest version
>> 9.6. Does anyone have a short howto on how to upgrade Clamav or
> just
>> to disable is all together as I do not need the Clamav to scan the
>> mails.
> This has been discussed on this list these days but I think there is no 
> clear howto yet. Somebody mentioned there are packages available that 
> should correct the problem.
> @thomas: Can you provide/compile a short howto?

The thread "Clamav for old kolabd-1.9.4" on this list shows two ways:
- Using the latest security update from
- following the instructions in the kolab wiki.

An alternative way is to install a new clamav in your base system
and change amavisd.conf.template (I did not test this!):
Change /kolab/var/clamav/clamd.sock to /var/run/clamd.sock

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