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Francesco Trimarchi francesco at trimarchi.it
Sat Apr 17 00:13:00 CEST 2010

If mails are blocked in the queue (you can see them using /kolab/sbin/postqueue -p), You can try using postsuper command:
/kolab/sbin/postsuper -r ALL

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Francesco Trimarchi

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Quoting Michael Harnden <mike at rochestervball.com>:

> My server installation stopped delivering emails overnight due to a
> corrupt clamav database. I am in the process of updating clam to
> latest version so I have temporarily disabled in in Kolab. My
> question is there a way to retrieve the mail that the delivery
> failed on overnight?

This depends on how clamav failed. Did it send out bounces to the  
sender? Or did it report a temporary error? The mails will only be  
kept in the Postfix queue if it was a temporary error. If clamav  
signaled a permanent error then the sender gets a message about the  
unsuccessful delivery attempt and the mail is no longer in your system.



>   Kolab 2.2.0 amavisd:
> 2.5.3-20080101 apache:
> 2.2.8-20080118 clamav:
> 0.93.3-20080708 imapd:
> 2.3.11-20080101_kolab4 kolab-filter:
> 2.2.0-20080709 kolab-freebusy:
> 2.2.0-20080709 kolab-webadmin:
> 2.2.0-20080709 kolabconf:
> 2.2.0-20080709 kolabd:
> 2.2.0-2008070

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