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Hi Micha,

Quoting Micha Kersloot <micha at>:

> Hi Doug,
>> Hello Thomas,
>> I saw your post in this forum today and wanted to respond to you
>> personally.  Before responding to you, I wanted to verify your issue with
>> my support and QA departments.
> I do want to make clear to the list that your support department is very good
> and helpful! But our problems seem to exists with different kolab
> implementations and it really seems a kolab design problem in my humble
> opinion.

I would have to disagree here :) It is of course not trivial to use  
IMAP as a storage backend for your Groupware data. But Kontact  
provides a very stable implementation for quite some time now and is  
being used in really large setups. So it is definitely possible to  
provide very stable Kolab clients.

The different implementations vary in regard to their quality of  
course. You mentioned the Thunderbird plugin. The last time I used it  
there was no caching of the IMAP data and this can be extremely  
problematic once your accounts get larger and you have more users.

The core design element - using IMAP as data storage - is something I  
still consider to be great. The user is in full control of his data.  
In these days this is something that seems to be of more and more  
value to me.



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