Zpush Tasks Fail

Alexander Schröter webmaster at computational-chemistry.org
Mon Apr 12 22:05:12 CEST 2010

That sounds very good!

But is there a way to turn task sync off from the server side because as 
I said my N900 only allows turning tasks and calendars on and off together.

Regards Alex

Am 12.04.2010 21:51, schrieb Alain Abbas:
> hi
> thanks for your message. Task are not implemented yet previous for May 
> :-)
> Regards
> wp1133599-user a écrit :
>> Hi I installed the kolab connector and zpush.
>> As far as I understand sync of tasks is not supported yet, right?
>> However my installation tries to sync tasks because the N900 only has
>> checkboxes for calendar and tasks, mail and contacts and I guess this is
>> why it keeps failing. Contacts work like a charm.
>> For debugging purpose I only tried to sync the calendar and tasks this
>> time. (See debug.txt for more Information.)
>> Thanks Alexander

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