kolabconf error

Richard Bos ml at radoeka.nl
Thu Apr 8 19:38:00 CEST 2010

Op donderdag 08 april 2010 19:27:16 schreef Jeffrey Walls:
> I've been trying for 4 months now to upgrade my version of Kolab, with 
> numerous errors and failures.
> First. A quick view of the KOLAB version would be appreciated. I thought I
>  was  on 2.2.1, when in fact after digging through the mail archives I
>  found a way to find the version, and I was on 2.2.0.
> Now, the issue. I am trying to move my server to a new Debian 5.0 server. 
> After MUCH searching, I think I have a plan. However, after using the
>  shell  program to back and restore kolab, I keep getting the following
>  error in /var/log/messages, and kolabconf goes in a loop.
> The error:
> kolabconf(22939): T warning: No configuration variable corresponding to 
> 'webserver_usr' exists
> My messages log grows to 2 GB in minutes with this message repeating.
> What is it, where does it come from, and how do I fix it?
> I have installed kolab 2.2.3 on the new machine (Debian 5.0) and have run 
> kolab_bootstrap -b to initialize the kolab installation before the restore.

kolab2:/etc/kolab # grep webserver_usr *
kolab.globals:webserver_usr: wwwrun

Which is part of the sources:
kolab.globals.in:webserver_usr: @webserver_usr@

So you should have it, as it was delivered by an rpm or deb pkg.


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