Vista and kolab 2.2.2

Sascha Schneider schneider at
Thu Aug 27 19:04:56 CEST 2009

Hi list, 

I have a strange problem on one of the mashines.
I Imported a pst with bynari-connector 3.1.9 into kolab on an XP with 
Outlook2003, everything went fine, eaven syncing with an TomTom PDA works 
with ActiveSync.
Now the same user has a Laptop with Vista and also Outlook2003.
I managed to set the security policy that he can access the samba server, he 
also can access the horde of the kolabserver, but when I connect to it with 
outlook2003, outlook crashes/hangs. I also tried to connect without the 
bynari connector, simply by adding the server as IMAP-Account, same problems, 
outlook crashes.
With bynari connector it syncs for a few seconds and does import the 
folder-structure and some emails, but then "Outlook does not respond".

Has anyone here same problems on vista??
Are there other secpols I have to edit to connect the server or is this simply 
a vista feature ;-))

Greetings from belgium, Sascha

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