Syncing Win Mobile

Thomas Nintemann t.nintemann at
Thu Aug 13 16:09:13 CEST 2009

Am Wednesday 12 August 2009 18:45:28 schrieb Alexander Schröter:
> Hello my name is Alexander
> I am trying to gather information on which Devices/Software work with which
> clients. So I would like to ask you to add your setup to the
> Device/Software Compatibility List on wikipage.
> Thank you.
> Regards Alexander

OK, that sounds practical.

Here is my experience with my Blackberry 8310 alias Curve:

I use Funambol Blackberry Sync Version 7.2 on my Blackberry.
I only sync calendar and contacts, because i only need this on my Phone.
Imho there are four bugs in Horde  SyncML with Kolab enhancement.

The first bug i found is this:

The second i had to patch is this:

Third is not solved by me, because it is to difficult for me and i do not now 
if this is realy a Horde-Kolab  SyncML Bug.
It become noticeable when i put a photo in one or more of my contact. The sync 
procedure takes a lot of time and then i get a "Network Error" in my Funambol 
Blackberry client. So i no longer make use of Photos in my contacts and every 
sync is fine.

The last bug i found is in the Calendar. I think this has to to with 
Horde-Kolab and recurring events.
To solve this i only set  recurring events on my Blackberry and sync that to 
my horde. Then it works.

So i think that SyncML with Horde-Kolab and funambol isn't stable at the 


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