failover machine?

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Tue Jan 30 09:26:50 CET 2007

"Christopher M. Hobbs" <chobbs at> writes:

>> configuring Kolab for multiple hosts means that you spread your users
>> of several hosts. Still each user will be only present on one host and
>> only this machine will hold the users e-mail. So this basically
>> load-balancing and not replication which is what you would like to
>> have.
>> Right now there is no integrated solution for automatic replication of
>> a Kolab server. You might be able to create your own solution by
>> following the backup guide at
>> Cheers,
>> Gunnar
> That's sort of what I suspected.  I'm considering running UUCP or
> setting up postfix to act in a primary/secondary MX solution.  It
> doesn't look like too difficult of a situation.  I'll be sure to
> document the process.
> I've got one last question concerning Kolab with multiple hosts.  If I
> create a new user on either of my Kolab hosts, will that information
> automatically be added to the other server?

Yes, the ldap information will get replicated. There is a
"kolabHomeServer" attribute on each user entry that is being used to
identify the location of the users mailbox in the multiple host
situation but the ldap information is available to each host.



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