2.1 beta 3 to 2.1 beta 4 upgrade issue

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Mon Jan 29 16:51:50 CET 2007

How about:

obmtool will usually automatically determine which packages need to be
built.  If you have made changes to the configuration files in
/kolab/etc/kolab/templates/ and/or the release includes a change in the
format of configuration files, the installation procedure will put the
default/new files in place, but will backup the old ones as *.rpmsave. If
not attended to, kolab will complain about these at start-up and refuse to
start the service(s) involved. After making sure that all modifications you
made to the original have been transferred to the new file (e.g. by
using 'diff'), you can safely remove the files tagged *.rpmsafe. Kolab
should now start up just fine.

That would have given me the needed information ...


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