2.1 beta 3 to 2.1 beta 4 upgrade issue

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Fri Jan 26 12:15:14 CET 2007

* Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann at web.de> [20070123 09:48]:
> used last night to download beta 4 and do a "./obmtool kolab" seemed to run
> through fine, but upon "/etc/init.d/kolab restart" I got the following
> message:
> openpkg:rc:WARNING: package "clamav" has unresolved configuration file
> conflicts
> openpkg:rc:WARNING: indicated by "*.rpm(new|orig|save)" files in or below
> the
> openpkg:rc:WARNING: directory "/kolab/etc/clamav". Please resolve first!
> So I went to investigate and found
> indeed "/kolab/etc/clamav/clamd.conf.rpmsave"
> and "/kolab/etc/clamav/freshclam.conf.rpmsave". Diffing them against there
> non-"rpmsave" counterparts yielded no differences in not-commented lines,
> so I moved the two files away or now and things seem to work.
> Is this an appropriate procedure or did I overlook something?

Yes, this is appropriate.

It is mentioned in the README in a misleading way:

| obmtool will usually automatically determine which packages need to be
| built.  If you have made changes to the configuration files in
| /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/ and the new release has a new kolabd package
| you may need to transfer your changes from the backups created by rpm
| (the *.rpmsave) files to the new template files.

There should be a paragraph saying that files generated from these
templates usually cause *.rpmsave files to be created, too, and that
these (only these!) rpmsave files can be moved back to the original
name (and with the exception of slapd.conf even removed without
looking at them)

The clamav security advisory states this more explicit:

Maybe you can prepare such a paragraph for the README?


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