spamassasin learn FAIL

Ger Apeldoorn g.apeldoorn at
Thu Jan 25 09:53:30 CET 2007

If I translate the spanish correctly (My spanish does not go further than 
ordering a beer) it is saying that the list of arguments is too long.

The list of mails that is returned with the wildcarts is too long. You can 
break it up in smaller protions by changing the [1-9] to [1-2] and [3-4]  

Ger Apeldoorn 

Op donderdag 25 januari 2007 09:43, schreef sebastian sanchez:
> hi
> if i run that
> # /kolab/bin/sa-learn --spam
> /kolab/var/imapd/spool/domain/*/shared^spam/[1-9]* bash:
> /kolab/bin/sa-learn: /kolab/bin/perl: bad interpreter: La lista de
> argumentos es demasiado larga
> #
> whats happends?
> how can i fix this?

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