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Tue Jan 23 15:36:11 CET 2007

marx <marx at> writes:

> Hi List!
> Maybe you can tell me how to solve following problem:
> I have a kolab2 server and an alfresco archive on another server.
> There is a eem proxy filter (smtp Proxy) which can be used to archive all 
> incoming and outgoing mail. This filter is on the Archive server!!!! Not 
> kolab!
> The smtpproxy is a java prog, which listens on a configured port and sends the 
> mail to the mailserver ip and port (also configurable)
> Now i'd like to know how to implement this filter into Kolab....
> I know it's the and i need to edit this file to use the 
> filter.
> Can someone please give advice? The filter is listening on Port 10030 on the 
> alfresco server ( for example) , port 10030
> and it is configured to give the mail to the kolab ( port 10027.

You change the line

-o content_filter=smtp-amavis:[]:10024

to point to your own filter and ensure that eem sends the filtered mails to
amavis instead.

I am not certain why your filter is currently pointing back to port
10027. Amavis should be listening on port 10024. 

You will probably also have to allow your external machine access to
amavis. Usually amavis only accepts connections from the localhost.



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