Delivering some but not all accounts locally

Oliver Večernik ov at
Sat Jan 20 11:48:09 CET 2007

Richard Bos wrote:
> Did you run kolabconf -n?
> This will process the template files and in case of virtual, it will store it 
> in /etc/postfix/virtual.  BTW: which distribution?

I just forgot to mention – yes, I did kolabconf (but without -n). I
checked /etc/postfix/virtual and the template is translated as expected.
I use Gentoo, but I don't think this is a distro specific problem.

> ps. has there been an article are another publication about kolab?

No, not a specific one. Why are you asking? I was lurking around the
Kolab website, because I found functions for Kolab (XML) in KMail.  ;-)


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