Intergrating own content_filter

marx marx at
Fri Jan 19 09:03:53 CET 2007

Hi List!

Maybe you can tell me how to solve following problem:
I have a kolab2 server and an alfresco archive on another server.

There is a eem proxy filter (smtp Proxy) which can be used to archive all 
incoming and outgoing mail. This filter is on the Archive server!!!! Not 

The smtpproxy is a java prog, which listens on a configured port and sends the 
mail to the mailserver ip and port (also configurable)

Now i'd like to know how to implement this filter into Kolab....

I know it's the and i need to edit this file to use the 

Can someone please give advice? The filter is listening on Port 10030 on the 
alfresco server ( for example) , port 10030
and it is configured to give the mail to the kolab ( port 10027.

What do i have to put in to 
thanx in advance


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