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Tue Jan 16 11:53:14 CET 2007

"Andrew J. Kopciuch" <akopciuch at> writes:

> Maybe even the fact that you have a multi step process that seems sort of 
> unrelated in nature.  Creating a shared folder, then add an address book 
> entry to be able to send mail to it.  That's not the most obvious way of 
> doing things I guess.

That was basically the reason why I thought it is broken. From the
discussion in I actually
still believe that this type of functionality should work out of the
box and omit the two step process.

> So in summary :
> 1.  Create the shared folder.   You have to at least have "anyone" & "post" 
> ACL, and whatever additional ACLs required for your use.  ie.  At least one 
> so you could subscribe to it.
> 2.  You have to create a VCard for "kolab+shared.<foldername>"
> Works as I understand it is supposed to.

Thanks for the overview. I'll incorporate this soon into the wiki



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