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Richard Bos ml at
Mon Jan 15 23:07:48 CET 2007

Op maandag 15 januari 2007 22:54, schreef kolab at
> rpm -V apache2
>    .......T  c /etc/apache2/server-tuning.conf
> server-tuning.conf is mentioned because I tried commenting those lines out,
> no ?

Guess so...

> > If that's all okay, have a look at the httpd.conf.  server-tuning.conf is
> > included in line 106 in httpd.conf  However, not much can go wrong before
> > that line.....
> >
> > Did you follow ?
> Yes exactly
> > Just edit the file /usr/sbin/kolabsrv and remove apache2 from line 41,
> > see what happens.
> then everything can be started......

So, you're close.  But without apache starting you can not configure kolab....
Which apache packages do you have installed?  You need to have:
# rpm -qa | grep apache

Perhaps you can reinstall apache2?  Most likely with an "rpm --force" as kolab 
requires apache2.  You can also remove apache including its dependencies 
(that will include the kolab rpm) and after that install kolab again, that 
will pull in apache.... 
Once apache is re-installed, try to run:
# rcapache2 start
If that works, you can again configure apache2 for kolab.... and see what it 
does after that...

Richard Bos
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