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Thu Jan 11 08:51:35 CET 2007

"Rob Shepherd" <rob at> writes:

> Dear Kolab users,
> I'm facing difficulty installing kolab-2.1 on Solaris 10.
> Attached is the end of 'kolab-build.log'
> openpkg seems to install fine, but all other package compilations fail with
> su: No shell
> I'm so far unfamiliar with openpkg, so maybe somebody can help me
> diagnose/fix the issue.

There is a call 


on line 385 within the "rebuild" function in the "obmtool"
script. This is probably the call that fails. I would assume that this
tries to run the BUILDEXEC command as user "kolab" and somehow the
shell variable of this kolab user is set to an incorrect value in your
/etc/passwd file.

> Secondly, Kolab seems to come with many applications which I currently use
> succesfully in my organisation. I have postfix, for example, operating my
> mail and openldap provides all my systems with unified unix users.
> I don't wish to ditch my current setup, can I hook Kolab into this?  Will
> it work against the unix user approach?

This depends mainly on your own requirements. I would suggest to use
the OpenPKG postfix installation if somehow possible. Else you will
have to transfer a good deal of the configuration directives from the
Kolab postfix configuration into your own settings. This might be very
error prone. 

Using your native LDAP might be possible but this also depends on your
current setup. I'd suggest to search this list for different
possibilities of how to combine user authentication with the Kolab
LDAP structure.

But generally it will be far easier to use the components provided by
Kolab since it is easy to miss important settings when employing the
systems native services. 

> Thirdly, BTW, nice touch for whoever in integrating kolab/openpkg into
> Solaris 10 SMF. However, my failed installation shows 'uuid' and other
> processes are constantly restarting. SMF will restart daemons which die.
> is this an artefact of my failed install, or does this require further
> testing.

I don't know what the uuid process does but it does not sound like a
familiar Kolab component.



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