ugrading from kolab1 to kolab2

Matthias Henze lists at
Sun Jan 7 10:01:03 CET 2007

Thomas Spuhler wrote:

> I tried to upgrade from kola1 to kolab2
> I backed up the mailboxes(users)  and then restored them to the new kolab2
> mailserver (in the correct directory) to which I added the users through
> the WEB interface before the restore.
> However, after restoring and logging in from a client
> (Mozilla-Thunderbird), all mails were in the inbox, but not all showed up
> in sent and some folders where missing.
> the kolab wiki recommends to use
> cyrreconstruct -rf user/user/folder/subfolder at
> However, this command doesn´t exist in my kolab2 installation
> I do have    /usr/lib/cyrus-imad/reconstruct
> I used /usr/lib/cyrus-imad/reconstruct user
> and all user folder got indexed, at least that was my feeling
> but still not all folder showed in Thunderbird.
> The showed up in Evolution and Kmail.
> What am I missing?

had a similar problem. in my case the imap acl's were wrong. the "l" (L) acl
was missing on the folders which were not visible in the MUA. my acl set
lookd like this: "rswipcda". after i've changed it to "lrswipcda" every
thing worked as expected. try:

su - kolab-r
/kolab/bin/cyradm --user manager --password your_manager_password localhost

at cyradm console:

lm   - to get a list of correct mailboxnames
lam  - to get acl's of a working folder
sam  - to set acl's of a folder
?    - to get help (man cyradm - is helpful too ...)

good luck

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