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Andrew J. Kopciuch akopciuch at
Fri Jan 5 16:54:36 CET 2007

On Friday 05 January 2007 07:49, Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
> I think this functionality is currently broken. There is an issue in
> the bug tracker about it:
> I posted a possible solution to it a while ago and use it successfully
> for the Kolab on Gentoo version.

I don't think it is broken.  I think it is just not obvious how to set this 
up so it does what you want.

From what I understand, when the shared folder is created, the mailbox is 
created as shared.<foldername>.  That works no problem.  You can subscribe to 
the folder without any issues.  The problem comes when you want to send mail 
directly to that folder via an email address.

When the folder is created, there is no virtual mapping for any address to 
that mailbox in postfix.  The mailbox is sitting there, and you can access it
via cyrus in a mail client.  Move messages in and out etc.  But when you send 
it mail to any address you think should be the final destination to that 
folder, postfix can not find a user for that address.

Jan 05 08:26:10 atrium <info> postfix/smtpd[18790]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 550 
<kolab+shared.andy at>: Recipient address rejected: User 
unknown in local recipient table; from=<akopciuch at> 
to=<kolab+shared.andy at> proto=ESMTP 

So to get around this, we add a new Vcard for the 
address : "kolab+shared.andy at".  That way there is a 
virtual mapping available for that address.

Jan 05 08:28:02 atrium <info> postfix/pipe[18919]: A98562400BC8C: 
to=<kolab+shared.andy at>, relay=kolabfilter, delay=0, 
status=sent (
Jan 05 08:28:02 atrium <info> postfix/qmgr[7706]: A98562400BC8C: removed
Jan 05 08:28:02 atrium <info> postfix/pipe[18923]: C40512400BC87: 
to=<kolab+shared.andy at>, relay=kolabmailboxfilter, 
delay=0, status=sent (
Jan 05 08:28:02 atrium <info> postfix/qmgr[7706]: C40512400BC87: removed

It is important to create the Vcard for "kolab+shared.<foldername>" 
The exact problem that started this thread is most likely caused by not 
including the kolab+ at the beginning of the VCard address.  If you do not, 
then you have a different problem.  There is a virtual mapping, but it cannot 
determine the mailbox to use.

Jan 05 08:34:09 atrium <info> postfix/pipe[19423]: ADC3A2400BC8E: 
to=<shared.andy at>, relay=kolabfilter, delay=0, 
status=sent (
Jan 05 08:34:09 atrium <info> postfix/qmgr[7706]: ADC3A2400BC8E: removed
Jan 05 08:34:09 atrium <info> postfix/pipe[19427]: C74942400BC87: 
to=<shared.andy at>, relay=kolabmailboxfilter, delay=0, 
status=bounced (service unavailable. Command output: Failed to set recipient: 
Mailbox unknown.  Either there is no mailbox associated with this name or you 
do not have authorization to see it. 5.1.1 User unknown, code 550 )

I have not dug into the kolabmailboxfilter code, but that is where the 
delivery will happen.  I'm not sure exactly how it relates the kolab+ email 
address to the proper shared folder mailbox.

I would be nice if there was a way to define the email address used for that 
shared folder when you create it, but that would be a pretty big change to 
how things worked internally I would imagine.  Someone who knows the details 
of the inner workings could maybe comment more on that.

Maybe even the fact that you have a multi step process that seems sort of 
unrelated in nature.  Creating a shared folder, then add an address book 
entry to be able to send mail to it.  That's not the most obvious way of 
doing things I guess.


So in summary :

1.  Create the shared folder.   You have to at least have "anyone" & "post" 
ACL, and whatever additional ACLs required for your use.  ie.  At least one 
so you could subscribe to it.

2.  You have to create a VCard for "kolab+shared.<foldername>"

Works as I understand it is supposed to.


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