kontact problem

Matthias Henze lists at mhcsoftware.de
Thu Jan 4 09:41:59 CET 2007

JOYDEEP wrote:

> Dear list,
> I have enable kontact to communicate with kolab. I can successfully add
> addressbook from kontact--> contact and can view the address-info any time
> But when I check Kmail->kolab server -> inbox -> contact it reports
> *This is a Kolab Groupware object.
> To view this object you will need an email client that can understand
> the Kolab Groupware format*
> could any one kindly suggest what to do to fix the problem ?
> I am using kolab 2.x and kontact 1.2
> thanks for your support.

contacts and appointment etc. are stored in special imap folders. each
contact etc. is one message. the data is stored in xml. you are not
supposed to read these messages manually. best practice is to configure
kmail to hide the groupware folders. (workgroup tab in misc, check "hide
workgroup folders")


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