shared folders and documentation

Matthias Henze matthias at
Wed Jan 3 12:58:17 CET 2007

Richard Bos wrote:

> Op dinsdag 2 januari 2007 15:00, schreef Matthias Henze:
>> my second question is: is there some kind of COMPREHENSIVE documentation
>> which describes ALL features and how to activate and admister them. i
>> found nothing usable. perhaps some one can point me to some fine manuales
>> :-)
> Did you have a look at the wiki
> Perhaps you can state what you're looking for, so people can refer you to
> the right place in case the information is available.

hi richard,

thanks for you reply.

i think i already did :-) 

i want to send mail (internal and external) to shared folders - i wrote:

i'm trying to get shared folderders doing what i want. i've created a sharde
folder for mail. i can access this folder by imap. i've created a
adressbook entry for this folder. with this kolab (postfix) accepts mail
for the address of the folder. the problem is that cyrus can't deliver the
mail. first i suspected kolabfilter to prvent the delivery but a bit more
coderiading has showen to me that cyrus imapd is the problem. 

further i've noticed that "normal" impap folders use / as hirarchy
seperator. with shared folders a dot is used. is this by purpose or is this
a bug.

what do i have to do to get maildelivery (also for external mail if
possible) to shared folders up an running? i'm stuck.

i've found nothing in the wiki leading me to a solution. and most of my
other questions are not coverde by the wiki ... but as soon as i've a new
more specific question i will ask it here. by now i've 2 problems:

- vanisched folders (see my other message here on the ML)
- shared folders (see above)

any help/advice would be nice.


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