problem on proko2

digitalphoto digitalphoto at
Tue Feb 15 23:33:19 CET 2005

well, I had a problem in the morning with proko2 and never got a reply from 
anyone. so I'll reply to my own post and report what happened:
actually, I was so desperate that I forgot to give further details:
freebsd 5.3 - installed proko2 from the tar ball at intevation site.
anyway, I downgraded to the ports version. the main difference is that it 
shows an IMAP resource and proko 2 doesn't. does anyone know if that is the 
problem. shal I install KDE HEAD also to have the vclient working?
joe karma

> greetings,
> I installed proko2. the resources seems to be all right, the Inbox folder is 
> there and the messages also there. but they don't show up in calendar, todo 
> and contacts.
> any hints? we are in the middle of something important and I need the info 
> back right now ! shall I downgrade to kdepim from ports?
> regards,
> joe karma

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