View calendar of other persons

Timo Springmann t.springmann at
Fri Feb 11 10:22:03 CET 2005

Hi list,

before installing and using kolab2 I would like to know if it's possible for 
one person to view the calendar of another person. I don't mean just the 
free&busy stuff. I would like to share (readonly or read/write) my calendar 
with some of my workmates. They should be able to look in my calendar and see 
where I am. 

The last few days I played with kontact and I managed it to store my 
calendardata on an imap server but it seems like I only can have one 
imap-folder with appointments inside. Of course I can subscribe to an 
calendar-folder of another person, but I only see his/her appointments as 
emails (I tried this with kontact of kde 3.3.2).

So, will this be possible with kolab and kontact (kde 3.4)?


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