Work flow for manual and semi-manual resource account handling

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Thu Feb 10 14:06:39 CET 2005

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 15:35, Andreas Gungl wrote:
> does anyone having experience about how the manual modes in the resource
> handling are intended to work? 

Yes,  you use a client to manually deal with the invitations that are still
in the inbox.

> But what is needed to manually manage a resource account? What steps have
> to be done in Kontact and in OL with Toltec Connector? Is someone able to
> explain the work flow for Manual? Manual If Conflicts seems to be easy once
> Manual is clear.
> I've tried with two identities and two accounts in Kontact but didn't get
> it working smoothly. 

You can even set the ACLs, so you do not need another accounts.
It is true that you need the second identity.
This is supposed to work, can you describe your problems in more detail
or file a bug report.

> I've no idea how it should work with OL.

OL needs to have the emails go through its pop module,
because this is where the code for the invitation handling is.
Also Outlook can only write to one default folder.
So it must have its own outlook profile or account open,
which basically is a completely different acount.

Set up is just like with regular accounts then, only that
some invitations will not get popped, but directly appear accepted
in the calendar folder.
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