Using freebusy with Horde and Outlook.

mdouhan at mdouhan at
Wed Feb 9 07:29:44 CET 2005

> Am Dienstag, 8. Februar 2005 23:00 schrieb tedrudie at
> Hi,
>> My other problem is how to set up freebusy in Outlook. I am using
>> Is this
> There is no need to publish the freebusy list anymore with Kolab 2 as
> provided
> the kolab 2 xml format is used we generate the freebusy lists on the
> server.
> Please have a look at

Horde does not currently support the server side trigger for F/B lists,
but it foes work for downloading pre genereated lists, for resource
accounts, the trick is to change the localhost servername in the IMAP
server field, and use the FQDN, this can be set under Horde Option when
you login as Horde Admin.



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