kolab2, toltec, webclient - WAS: kolab2beta2 - virtdomains ldap does not work

mdouhan at hasta.se mdouhan at hasta.se
Tue Feb 8 00:41:12 CET 2005

> Yes, I have kolab2 + Toltec (v1) working. Calendar sharing with Outlook
> works.
> I'm now playing with Webclient, upgraded to Toltec v2 to test groupware
> features. How this works for you? Basically it works, but probably not
> ready
> to set this up in production yet.

We are testing the webclient with Toltec and Kontact, and it works
perfectly when it works, but the webclient has a tendency to self destruct
and change the rights on the IMAP folders at its own will, other that that
it is starting to work nicely, and no not even remotely close to
production yet.

> I understand there is no stable webclient at the moment which will work
> with
> Toltec, is that true?

No, not true, Horde + Toltec + Kontact all works for me barring what I
said about about Horde selfdestructing.

> Will be nice to have a demo site for kolab2 webclient.....

email me privately and I will give you an account on one of our test servers.


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