how to debug sieve

Dieter Kluenter dieter at
Sat Apr 30 14:35:10 CEST 2005

I hav e created a sieve script[1], injected and activated ist, using
xemacs and gnus-sieve, the script is activated, that is the symlink
default.bc is set to myscript.bc, I can login with sivtest and
sieveshell, but still incoming mail ist not filed into my
subfolders. Sieve is not logging anything, how can I debug sieve to
see what is going wrong?
By the way, I tested both delimiter versions with no avail.


,----[ mysieve.siv ]
| require "fileinto";
| if header :is "X-Mailinglist" "suse-linux" {
|   fileinto "INBOX/suse-linux";}
| elsif header :is "X-Mailinglist" "suse-isdn" {
|   fileinto "INBOX.isdn";}
| elsif header :is "X-Mailinglist" "suse-amd64" {
|   fileinto "INBOX.amd64";}
| elsif allof (header :contains "Sender" "owner-info-cyrus at list",
| 	     address :contains :localpart ["to", "cc", "bcc"] "info-cyrus"){
|   fileinto "INBOX.imap";}
| elsif header :contains "List-ID" "openldap-software at" {
|   fileinto "INBOX.openldap";}
| elsif header :contains "X-BeenThere" "kolab-users at"{
|   fileinto "INBOX.kolab";}
|  else {fileinto "INBOX";
|      }

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