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Dieter Kluenter dieter at dkluenter.de
Thu Apr 28 18:05:44 CEST 2005

Martin Konold <martin.konold at erfrakon.de> writes:

> Am Donnerstag, 28. April 2005 09:43 schrieb Dieter Kluenter:
> Hi Dieter,
>> is there a particular reason  for configuring imapd using unix hierarchy?
>> I ran into strange issues with a few MUA's.
> Please explain your problems.

An other issue I just experienced with Xemacs/gnus, Gnus uses
/usr/bin/gnutls-cli to establish a starttls session. Gnutls-cli
creates a persistent connection to the imap server, but this
connection is after some idletime silently closed by the server, thus
Gnus cannot reconnect to fetch new mail.


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