Sending Mails from OpenGroupware Webinterface with Kolab

Henning Burow Henning.ght at
Tue Apr 26 18:55:29 CEST 2005


i have a server running OpenGroupware and Kolab. If i try to send a mail with 
KMail, it is delivered correctly. If i send a mail from the OpenGroupware 
Webinterface, nothing happens. I checked the Kolab postfix and cyrus logbook. 
But there happend nothing. Then i checked Opengroupwares logbooks, but also 
there nothing has happend. According to that logbooks, i never sended a mail, 
and i never even tried. I've activated then the Mail Debug Level in 
OpenGroupware, but still nothing is written in the logbooks.

Does anybody run opengroupware and kolab, and is able to send mail from the 
OpenGroupware Webinterface?
In the NSGlobalDomain (from OpenGroupware) i set imap_host="localhost"; and 

As i can read mail from the opengroupware webinterface without any problem, i 
don't understand, why i cannot send any mail. In opengroupware i set the 
sendmail config to /kolab/sbin/sendmail, and still no change.

How can i get any logfile entries from my actions? Where is my 


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