Kolab and Fax

Georg Lerch kidlark at kidlark.de
Sun Apr 24 12:53:57 CEST 2005

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> Georg Lerch <kidlark at kidlark.de> writes:
>>Hi Group,
>>has anyone here made expierences with sending faxes via kolab ?
>>As far as I know the is a fax entry in the ldap adressbook. it could
>>be used to send a fax to a person as well it could be used to recieve
>>a fax, transform it to an attachment and mail it to the kolab user.
> This can easily achieved with HylaFAX.Incoming faxes can be converted
> to pdf and mailed as attachement. You can mail pdf or ps attachements
> to the HylaFAX server for outgoing faxes. This is all well documented
> in FaxDispatch.
> -Dieter
Hi Group, Hi Dieter,

as usual one answer leads to a few other questions.

Now I want to use the faxemailgateway functionally of Hylafax.

In the Hylafax Documentation is description how to get a sendmail via
editing the sendmail.cf to "send" faxes.
Can I and when how must I edit the main.cf to use postfix for faxing
purposes or better is there some documentation for this available?



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