Groups in Kolab and Horde

Stuart K Bingë omicron-list at
Thu Apr 21 11:40:24 CEST 2005

On Thursday, 21 April 2005 10:15, Oliver Jehle wrote:
> first i set the uid and 1. mail address different in kolab, because i like
> to use my internal uid and not the email adress to login. With this
> setting, nothing work (calendar, tasks etc...)
> i dropped the user and set uid=main email address and now  calendar and
> tasks work in horde...

Ah, right - some initial work was done to allow logging in with either the uid 
or mail attributes of each user when the two are different. More however 
needs to be done for this to work correctly throughout the webclient, so for 
the meantime I suggest simply logging in exclusively by using your mail 
address, or setting the uid equal to the mail address in LDAP.

Stuart K Bingë

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