Kolab and hylafax for fax server

Alessio Cecchi alessio at skye.it
Thu Apr 21 11:33:01 CEST 2005

On a server i have:

kolab beta 4 and hylafax for fax server.

When a fax was received, hylafax sent an email to fax at domain.com. Beforo 
of kolab the mail system on this server was qmail.

But with kolab hylafax is not able to send email to fax at domain.com.

Hylafax use /usr/sbin/sendmail to send email:

(echo "To: $TOADDR" ..... )| 2>&1 $SENDMAIL -ffax -oi $TOADDR

With qmail sendmail was a link to /var/qmail/bin/sendmail.

Now i have link /usr/sbin/sendmail to /kolab/sbin/sendmail.
Is correct?

Hylafax run as uucp user. If run the hylafax'script as root the mail was 

Alessio Cecchi ++ www.skye.it

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