Groups in Kolab and Horde

Stuart K Bingë omicron-list at
Wed Apr 20 11:56:43 CEST 2005

Hi there,

On Tuesday, 19 April 2005 10:58, Oliver Jehle wrote:
> > Note that the Horde Kolab2 client is still in development
> > and experimental.
> Horde and kolab2 doesn't work in the moment. I tried the latest cvs
> checkout of horde together with kolab2 (as documented on the wiki)  and i
> get always the same error (missing referenced Object in Kolab.php).

Is that error encountered only when using Turba for contact management? Other 
than that, calendaring, notes and tasks all work fine with Horde on Kolab2...

There is another issue with people encountering similar errors when using a 
non-English locale - is this perhaps the case for you?

> There is a bug reported  in since november 2004
>, which point to the same problem.

I'm currently working to resolve this bug; after that's done I'll be taking a 
look at the non-English problems. With these two issues resolved the web 
client should be entirely usable.

Stuart K Bingë

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