Synckolab (was: Kolab Publicity vs. <some-other-software> Publicity)

Andreas Gungl Andreas.Gungl at
Tue Apr 19 07:32:48 CEST 2005

Niko Berger schrieb:
> Oh and I almost finished with the synckolab extension for thunderbird to 
> support kolab2 format. in V 0.4.3 reading of addressbook entries which 
> are in kolab2 alrady works, maybe I can finish reading of calendar (will 
> definitely be done today v0.4.4) and writing soon.

Niko, you're doing a really great job with Synckolab. I'm interested
in the calendar syncing for Kolab 2 and I've tried v0.4.4 as soon as it
appeared on your site.

It reads quickly through my event messages in the IMAP folder. The
result is quite promising. So far I've come across two obvious problems.
The first one is the timezone problem, the events have been moved 
compared to the data shown in Kontact, OL with Toltec or Horde. The 
second problem is some drift in the events. It may be related to some 
not properly initialized variables, because I've found some details 
which originally belong to a certain event in other events as well. 
There may be more problems, but I decided to wait for these two ones to 
be fixed at first. ;-)

But hey, compared to the short time you're working on it, it is a great 
step forward for the client world of Kolab 2.
Hm, and to be somewhat more constructive, how would you like to get 
detailed error reports or some help in testing? Of course, I can send 
you some test cases, but I miss something like a bugtracker to avoid 
lots of duplicates. Do you have a (read-only) repository available, or 
should one focus on your latest released version?

Anyway, thanks for you work - can't wait for the next release,

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