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Tue Apr 19 09:24:37 CEST 2005

On Friday 15 April 2005 08:58, Michael Hoehnl wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 13. April 2005 14:25 schrieb Giovanni Baroni:

Thanks for the contribution.

> > I wrote an Installation Info of:
> > -setup Distro
> > -install Kolab2 beta4
> > -install Outlook, Kontact, Squirrelmail

Just a hint on the wording: Because many important things
for the Kolab solution happen on the clients, they are
actually part of the solution.

So above you would have
     Kolab2 Server beta4
and Kolab2 Clients:   Kontact and Outlook/Toltec

the interesting point is that this is a common missunderstanding
that the server would be the groupware. :-)
Just any email client works for email, but only real Kolab clients
will give you the real groupware features regarding appointments
and contacts. Currently there are only two stable Kolab2 clients:
KDE Kontact (KDE 3.3 branch + proko2) and Outlook/Toltec2.

> > -and others
> >
> >
> >
> > It's in German and for beginners and has alot of Pictures ( and today a
> > new movie )

> gmp didn't compile, as well as clamav (depends on gmp). I've installed
> clamav using "--nodeps", and i hope this won't hurt. What is gmp for
> anyway?

Clamav uses it for checking signatures.

> After compiling and bootstrapping Apache didn't come up at the first start.
> OpenPKG complained about a missing file "/kolab/etc/apache/apache.local".
> I've "touched" it, and everything was ok (i hope). After another
> bootstrapping now this file has some content (only a few lines of
> comments).
> The one Thing I'm still at is that i can login to squirrelmail, but it
> complains:
> ERROR : Could not complete request.
> Query: CREATE "INBOXSent"
> Reason Given: Permission denied
> Do you, or does anyone in the list, know, what could have gone wrong?

It will depend on your operating system.
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