SuSE 9.2 and Kolab2

Markus Heller markus at
Fri Apr 15 23:24:21 CEST 2005

Hi everybody,

about 1-2 weeks ago I had the same problem with Kolab2 Beta4, compiled from 
source on Debian Sarge. This was when I asked the developers on the 
kolab-devel list to please provide a working php.ini file, as I saw that 

a) apache was only listenling on port 80 on the loopback IP address 
b) ssl was not configured at all, there was no config statement at all in the 
according apache.base file. There were no links to the ssl key files 
generated during the startup process (these files did exist!!)
c) after all some config options seemed corrupt in php.ini. 

I succeeded up to the point when I came to the insight that it was an enormous 
amount of config work to get everything running. 

In other words, I was quite annoyed... ;-) 

Then one of the developers told me in an email that this seemed veeery strange 
and that everything was working fine with their test installations. 

So I agreed to start all over, I downloaded all of the sources again, went 
through the complete install process and - it worked!!!

I don't know why, but it worked. I'm glad that others found this strange bug, 
too. As I said, I found it on Debian Sarge with the source distribution. I 
described this error in the wiki ( Initially, I wanted to 
remove this entry as it worked fine in the end but I didn't. Now I'm glad 
that I didn't...

Best wishes,


Am Freitag, 15. April 2005 12:44 schrieb Henning Burow:
> Hi,
> i'm trying to get a Kolab2 up on a SuSE 9.2. I tried development/current,
> which compiled without problem, same for bootstrap. But when i am supposed
> to login in https://mydomain/admin (in my case https://localhost/admin) i
> get "connection refused". In the apache logs is nothing written. I tried
> kolab-2.0-beta4 and kolab-2.0-beta3. Everytime i have the same problem. I
> found the following bug entry:
> "openpkg rc all start" started all services beside amavisd (see previous
> ticket), but apache is listening only on port 80 and only on the loopback
> IP.
> Connecting to the server with https (of course) and http fails with
> "Connection
> refused". No log entries in /kolab/var/apache/logs/.
> Is there a workaround known, to get kolab2 working?
> Thanks,
> Henning
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