Distribution List Kolab 2 beta4 - Thunderbird LDAP Addressbook 1.0.2

Georg Lerch kidlark at kidlark.de
Wed Apr 13 19:34:53 CEST 2005

Hi Group,

right now I'm testing kolab features. The last feature beeing tested was
the distribution list (DL).

I've created/modified the DL virusalert. When I write an email to
virusalert at mydomain.de everything works.

When I try to write an email using the thunderbird ldap  addressbok it
doesn't. Taking a close look at the addressbook entries, I realized that
 the DL addressbook entry has no email address value.

This must be the reason why thunderbirds does not add this entry to the
address field in the email.

Is this a thunderbird bug or a kolab feature?

When I use Outlook/Exchange DLs are displayed in the Exchange
Addressbook. It would make things easier for users if DL were beeing
displayed in Kolab/Thunderbird as well.



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