Aethera 1.2.1

Eugen Constantinescu kroupware at
Fri Apr 1 21:12:00 CEST 2005

A new Aethera release is available at :

Groupware (Kolab1, Citadel) 
Aethera can use even empty Shared Folders (Kolab1 compatibility).
The jabber chat logs can be saved in Notes Shared Folders (Kolab1 compatibility)

Sound support for notifications, you can use the autodetect mode or just choose your player.
Sound support can be disabled if you want to hear only your music :). 
More translations available (Greek support in progress). The current supported languages are French, German, Russian and Portuguese (BR). 
The ability to view/open attachments or the help files in Windows XP (SP1, SP2) is fixed.

The notification system has been improved and you will get notifications as popup messages, as sounds or as status bar messages depending on the situation.
Now it's more comfortable to know about your new instant messages from your contacts or file transfer status. 
Now it comes with a system tray support (Linux only) which works very well with the new notification system. 
Better support for unicode, so that you can communicate with friends all over the world. 
The management of chat logs has been improved with a search mechanism and with groupware support.
There is a new search line which let you see only the needed chat logs.
The groupware support (Kolab1 compatible) helps you to store your chat logs on the server for sharing it with other people or just to have your important data available from different location. 
The chat list view has alternative background color for a better visibility. 
You can send/request authorization when you need. Adding a new contact will manage the authorizations automaticaly. The layout for authorization dialog has been fixed. 

ICAL format support has some fixes. 
The automaticaly saving options works now. 
The sound option for events alarm works now. It is using the new sound support. 
Removing a calendar with Delete key isn't possible anymore. 

VCARD support is reading/importing both VCARD2 and VCARD3 data format and it exports data only in VCARD3 format. In this way more people will be able to import their old contacts in Aethera.
The support for phone field is fixed (even as a SIP type).
The Kolab support is better too. 
The contacts view list is using alternative background for a better visibility. 

Eugen Constantinescu

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