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Denis Croombs denis at
Fri May 21 16:58:36 CEST 2004

Hi Stephen

I have tried that:-

# mydestination = @@@postfix-mydestination@@@ localhost.$mydomain office.$mydomain
mydestination = $mydomain
Restarted kolab but I still have the same problem.

Any more clues ?



  I don't think it's a fetchmail problem, I run fetchmail as root without any trouble.  The only time this happened to me is if I sent to an account that does not exist, which can't be your problem as you account exists, or f the domain was not included in the mydestination line, but from your previous email I can see that it is.

  Just to be "devil's advocate" try changing the mydestination line in your file to:
  mydestination = $mydomain

  instead of:
  mydestination = $mydomain localhost.$mydomain office.$mydomain

  just to make sure it's not loosing the $mydomain variable.


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