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Sandro Knauß knauss at
Tue Jun 24 16:02:53 CEST 2014

> As I understand the Mozilla format/idea of this file is that it can
> contain many providers, i.e. you can have there Gmail, Yahoo,
>, Kolabsys, etc. So, how do you configure ldap for
> only, or different ldaps for two of them? Sure, ldap is not
> email, but it belongs to email provider.

Actually i think the <addressbook id="" type="ldap"> inside the 
email part can be added to be able to say, ok there are mutiple addressbooks 
for one emailProvider. But also the point, that ldap isn't used for 
addressbooks only leads to separate the files. If we want to setup a client 
that only wants to do resourcemanagment, it don't care about addressbooks at 
all. But for example the ldap addressbook uses a complete different auth 
method, so merging it inside the <emailProvider> sounds wrong for me.

But one thing, i mentiond is that we maybe need a subsection inside the ldap 
config to specifiy the diifferent puposes with the different search strings. 
To my mind comes resources and addressbook is there any other porpose where 
ldap is used for?




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