Autconfiguration for kolabclient

Sandro Knauß knauss at
Wed Jun 4 11:56:57 CEST 2014


for beeing able to auto configure the client, we should create a file at the 
server to get most settings for the client. As base I used the Thunderbird 
autoconfig file [1]. 

I added additional xml tags for ldapserver, freebusy and identities.

Some questions:
* should the file  <> be extended?
pro: thunderbird can using the email part as well
* the identity part isn't defined in hunderbird autoconf [1], do you know any 
configuration for that tag?

Different modes:
* requesting the file with auth basic  -> fill out password etc.
* without login data -> return the file with %PASSWORD%, %USER%,...

Using other urlpaths:
or split everypart into an own file:
would be only a xmlfile that refers to the other parts.



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