Format definition clarification

Thomas Brüderli bruederli at
Thu Sep 20 09:34:27 CEST 2012

Christian Mollekopf wrote:
>> There's no point in adding a special-use annotation, we can just use:
>>    /shared/vendor/kolab/folder-type "event"
>>    /private/vendor/kolab/folder-type "event.default"
> There is some duplicaton, but yes, it's the simplest solution.
>>> [0]
>>> If it is too late for such a change, we just allow a shared and private
>>> annotation in parallel (shared with "event" and private "event.default").
>>> The type is not allowed to change anyways, so while there is duplication
>>> it's not a big issue IMO.
>> As per the aforementioned - this is how pykolab's default configuration has
>> been updated too (not yet pushed).
> Ok, I'll update the wiki accordingly.

Now implemented accordingly in Roundcube's folder management plugin.


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