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Christian Mollekopf mollekopf at
Sat Sep 1 21:42:49 CEST 2012

On Saturday 01 September 2012 16.28:48 Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> I need a small clarification wrt. the format definition:
> It concerns the statement in bullet point 4, sub 3, if you will:
> """
>   * One groupware folder per groupware type MAY be marked as default
> location for new kolab-objects by adding a private annotation with the
> value "default".
> """
> By the "the value 'default'" we mean to indicate this is appended to the
> $type (i.e. "event.default", "contact.default", ...) or do we mean the
> literal string "default"?

Hey Jeroen,

We mean the ".default" suffix => "event.default".

That means the annotations are mutually exclusive, but I couldn't think of a 
problem with that so far.

> The same or a similar ambiguity exists for the mail folders' private
> namespace values of "inbox", "drafts", etc.
> I reckon we want them all to be prefixed (i.e. "mail.drafts",
> "event.default")?

That is indeed more consistent, I changed it accordingly.

> Further notes:
> - We do not seem to mention the metadata location for the folder type is
> "/vendor/kolab/folder-type".


> - We do not seem to refer to the "folder-test" annotation at all.

What is this annotation for? Feel free to add it to the wiki directly.


> Kind regards,
> Jeroen van Meeuwen
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