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Christian Mollekopf mollekopf at kolabsys.com
Tue Jun 5 12:23:43 CEST 2012


While going through color configurations for categories 
(http://wiki.kolab.org/User:Greve/Drafts/KEP:12), I noticed once again how 
broken/misused categories are (Think what renaming/moving a category does to 
the stored color configuration).

That and slowly more pressing needs in Zanshin made me take another look at 
Pim-Item Relations.

Currently we have only categories to put PIM-Items in some structure, which 
are basically just plain-text tags, and not sufficient for what we're trying to 

I already explained the new concepts ("Projects", "Contexts" and "Topics"), 
which I'd like to use in my last mail to this list:
Fwd: [Kde-pim] Organizing calendaring items and notes
and now also in the wiki: 

Further I'm drafting the proposed PIM-Item Relations system here: 

To summarize, the idea is that one can transport a set of relations to 
(virtual) parent-nodes with each PIM-Item, where each such node has a uid, 
thus making the system stable also over renames and moves of individual nodes 
(which is not the case if you have nested categories in the style of 

I plan to add the parent-relation construct (http://wiki.kolab.org/PIM-
Item_Relations#Parent_relation_tree) soon to KEP 17, and to remove the 
hierarchical categories. As first user of this functionality, I'm going to 
prepare Zanshin to read/write the relations in such way, the rest of Kontact 
will remain untouched for now (It's mainly useful for todos and notes which is 
the realm of zanshin).

Plan of action:
* Add PIM-Item Relations to KEP 17
* Use categories as plaintext tags only.
* Don't support category hierarchies.
* Don't support color configuration for categories 
* Use PIM-Item relations for Contexts, Projects and Topics (First Zanshin, 
then possibly Roundcube and other clients)
* Add color configuration for PIM-Item-Relation nodes (based on UID, which 
results in a simple map).

If you have questions, objections or suggestions, tell me.

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